The Basic Steps to Write Five Paragraph Essays

A five paragraph essay is the most basic form of an essay. The reason students in high school are asked to write five paragraph essays is to teach them to structure an essay in a more logical and organized way. A well structured essay provides a logical flow to the readers and it becomes easier for him to follow the main points. If an essay is not structured according to the five paragraph essay readers can get confused. Once students become accustomed to writing five paragraph essays they move on to writing more complicated and longer essays.

A five paragraph essay is a standard method of writing essays and no matter how long it is a five paragraph format is always crucial in order to provide the essay with a logical and coherent structure in a more organized way. It provides a roadmap to the readers and they exactly know what is coming a head in the essay. A five paragraph essay format consists of an introduction which is the first paragraph followed by the main body which comprises three standalone paragraphs making the count to four paragraphs. The last and fifth paragraph is a conclusion which helps wrap up the entire essay in a single paragraph. The whole objective of this article is to provide you some basic guidelines to write five paragraph essays. Please continue reading the article to find out more about writing five paragraph essays.

The Introduction (First Paragraph)

The first paragraph of a five paragraph essay is the introduction. It has to be spot on right from the beginning. It must be curiosity evoking so that the readers continue reading the entire essay. It should be attention grabbing, direct and to the point. In order to have grab readers’ attention right in the beginning of the first paragraph usually a question is asked from the readers in order to make them curious and entice them to read further. One important thing that you should always remember is that the question you ask from your readers has to be something directly related to the main theme of the essay.

If you ask anything entirely out of the context then you can end up confusing your readers. Another effective way is to provide interesting statistics to grab readers’ attention. Once you have readers on your side reading the essay now you can introduce all the key points of the essay. However, avoid explaining anything in detail in this section of the essay. Lastly to wrap up the introduction write a strong thesis telling your readers about the main objective of the entire essay and what they will learn from it.